21 Day Challenge-Are You Ready?

What is a Green Smoothie Challenge?

A green smoothie is blended up fruit and greens (don’t worry it tastes delicious!) and it provides superior nutrition and tons of servings of fruits/veggies!!

The challenge is making and drinking one a day-for 21 days!!
This is the easiest way to start changing your health-by consuming 1 green smoothie every day for 21 days!   You will be able to see and feel some drastic changes with only this one small change to your diet!
The challenge starts on March 7th!!

The Green Smoothie Challenge has been a huge success in terms of people seeing real results!  Here are just 2 of the comments made by people from one of  the  challenges:

I had so much fun this month learning about how good my body could feel if I gave it good stuff to eat. I’m amazed at how my tastes have changed. I’m craving fruit instead of junk.  I know that this month has made lasting changes in how I’ll live my life from now on. I’m glad I could go on this journey with all of you. Its been fun reading everyone’s experiences.
The changes I’ve noticed:
-Increased energy
-less body aches
-improved digestion
-finger nails are less brittle
-completion is clearer and brighter
-less mood swings/ overall better mood
-change in taste/cravings
-loss of 10 pounds
I love feeling this way!! I have to thank you again Sam for changing my life :)

So all 5 of us drank the alien smoothie this morning and LOVED it! My 1, 3 and 5 year old scarfed there’s down and drank some of my husbands and mine too! Looks like we need a bigger blender! I was a lil unsure and so was my 3 and 5 year old when they saw the spinach go in, but once Mike and I oohhed and ahhed over it they started to drink and the rest is history!

The cost is only $10 to join-you will be sent a link to a private social networking site where recipes, shopping lists, nutritional guidance, and support will be provided.
I will teach you everything you need to know about making green smoothies a part of your life and how to even get your kids to join you! The cost is less than a book, a class, a DVD or even your lunch!   This will be the best $10 you will ever spend!
This could change your life-forever! Are you ready?
Click the link below!

Sign up here!

For more information contact me!!  ColorWheelMeals@Gmail.com



8 thoughts on “21 Day Challenge-Are You Ready?

  1. I love my fruit smoothies! They don’t have to be complicated either! I mix up some fresh fruit, spinach, and protein powder every morning, and it tastes delicious and gives me the nutrients I need! I even give them to my kids, and sometimes I’ll add carrots in for an extra kick. YUM!

  2. Every year I like to go on a 7 day raw food cleanse. Which consists mostly of carrot based freshly made juice. It’s not a diet as such because I’m consuming enough daily calories but I usually loose weight and feel great because I’m eating so healthy. This is a great way to get people started.

    • Thanks for stopping by!! Yes, I love to do raw food cleanses as well…I usually do 30 days at a time…a few times a year!! I also do Juice Feasting where I will only consume fresh veggie and fruit juices!!

  3. I’ve been drinking green smoothies almost daily for years. I just wish I could get my hubby to do the same. Occasionally, he’ll drink some, just to humor me. At least my daughter is a huge fan.

    • Hi Shannon!!
      I am surprised that he won’t drink them with you!!! They are so good!! LOL
      I make one for my husband for his lunch everyday!! He drinks it whether he likes it or not!!! I usually try to make it pretty sweet with lots of fruit…he is skinny and doesn’t need to watch his calories!!!

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