Fruit Jewelry is HERE!!!

I am always trying to think of ways to promote the addition of fresh fruits and vegetables into people’s diets and especially trying to help motivate parents to really push fruits and veggies to their kids!!

Our children are constantly bombarded with advertisements for colorful junk food, they see the displays at the grocery stores…these companies are very smart with their advertisements towards children.

A child can see a colorful box of candy that they have never even tasted before and will beg for  their parents to purchase it for them……but if they see a mango or papaya in a grocery store most kids will not ask or beg for their parents to purchase it….

what is wrong with this picture?

Every day there are commercials for candy and junk food-do you ever see a commercial about eating fruit??

I want my kids to think that fruit is cool-that fruit is yummy-and that fruit is better nutritionally for them than any artificially flavored fruit candy!

I have been thinking about ways to make fruit shaped jewelry to help kids get excited about eating their fruits-and I have finally made what I believe to be super cute jewelry!!!  Unfortunately, these are probably only cute for girls-I cannot see my son wearing any of these although he did want to rock a bracelet when his sister wore one!!!  LOL

I am now making and selling fruit bracelets sizes small (fits child’s wrist) and Large (fits teen and adult wrists), fruit headbands, fruit hair pins, and fruit earrings!!!


My daughter graciously volunteered to be my model for the jewelry-

Here she has on watermelon earrings and watermelon hair pins…..

and here she is wearing the fruit headband and strawberry earrings (which you cant see!!)

Isn’t she adorable????

Please feel free to contact me regarding my fruit jewelry!!

For Information on my 3 Ebooks available click here!!


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