Juice Feasting!!!

I have always been intrigued by the whole concept of “juice feasting” and love reading blogs of people who have successfully finished a 92 day Feast.  The results are always amazing and interesting to watch!

I have toyed with the idea of embarking on a juice feast of my own but I have honestly been afraid to take the plunge and do it!  I have done the Master Cleanse twice now and each time it was a difficult task to accomplish.  I was all ready to start The Master Cleanse again this week, but at the last minute I decided to finally take the ultimate plunge and Juice Feast!

What is a juice feast?  Juice Feast quite simply put is feasting on juice!  It means you drink fresh made juices from nutrient dense fruits and vegetables for up to 92 days.  You are required to drink 4 quarts of juice a day plus water. Here are some other requirements as specified on www.JuiceFeasting.com

  • It is as fresh as possible
  • it is enough in quantity to feed your body all the calories it requires
  • it is made to include 2 pounds of greens and 1 head of celery a day

Today started day 1 for me, and I will say it was easy and hard…..let me explain….

The juices were tasty and I had no problem drinking them, however I did feel hungry (not starving) and I really wanted something crunchy and salty!!!  Like pretzels or tortilla chips with salsa!!!  As I sit and type this I can think of 100 things that I would like to eat right now!!!  BUZZ word being EAT!!!  I think the hardest thing about this whole feast is that it is all liquid based!!  NO CHEWING!!!  I feel super hydrated though drinking all of that liquid!!

I am not really sure how long I will feast for…I would love to commit to the 92 days but honestly I just don’t know that I could go that long!!  For now, I am sticking with 7-10 days!!  SO wish me luck I think I am going to need it!!!  LOL

Day 1 Looked like this!

  • 1 quart water with lemon
  • 1 cup of Roobios tea
  • green juice made with 1 apple, some grapes, spinach, pomegranate seeds, 1 organic cucumber with the peel
  • juice made with grapefruits, oranges, lemons and mixed with bee pollen and chlorella
  • 1 cup vanilla tea
  • green juice made with 1/2 of a pineapple, Red Kale, lemon, 1 organic zucchini with peel
  • green juice made with tomatoes, celery, onion, carrots, spinach and added sea salt, cayenne pepper, and dulse




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