Organic Raspberry Picking

Over the summer I had really wanted to go organic berry picking, we had heard about an organic U Pick blueberry farm while on vacation, but we had trouble finding the place and never made it!   I was sad that we missed out, and figured we would try next year.

Then a few weeks ago I had noticed that on the Groupon site (a site that sends out daily emails with deals on them) there was a listing of an organic farm that was about an hour from our house!  The deal was $8 to pick organic raspberries and dig your own mums.  I couldn’t pass this deal up!

The day that we choose to go ended up being a beautiful sunny afternoon-we drove the hour from our house and found our way to Rainbows End Farms.  We pulled up and parked and we were met with a smiling face welcoming us to the farm.  The owner told us about the different varieties of raspberries available to pick, gave us some buckets that we tied around our waists, and off we were!

The kids took off ready to fill their buckets with yummy, juicy raspberries….after about 3 minutes though they were already bored!!!  LOL  My son lost interest and started running around the fields, and my daughter just walked around occasionally picking a berry here and a berry there…mainly eating them rather than placing them in her bucket!  So the picking was up to my love and I!

The owner also showed us some other cool things while we were there…we walked through a labyrinth of flowers which was so pretty!  My daughter thought this was very cool!  We got to see amaranth and how it grows, and also we were given popcorn ears to be dried for a few months and then we can pop it and eat it!!!  How fun is that?!  My kids got to see calves, sheep, giant sunflowers and a funny little orange caterpillar!  All in all it was a good day!  Can’t wait to do this again next year!

Now if I can only find an organic apple orchard!!!  LOL


2 thoughts on “Organic Raspberry Picking

  1. Sounds very similar to our experience at Rainbow’s end with our kids!

    Not sure where you live, but Almar’s is an organic apple orchard in Flushing. $1 per pound u-pick apples (at least last year when we went 🙂

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