I just love summer time…vacations, splash parks, fresh fruit, farmers markets, the list is endless.  My family especially loves summer time because every year we take a family vacation to Grand Haven, Michigan….for those of you who have been there it is an amazing place!!!  We just got back from our annual getaway and boy did we have fun!!!

While we were there we stopped by the local farmers market and picked up some fresh organic kale and the kids got to make produce people!!!  All of the farmers donated their oddly shaped veggies for the kids to decorate into people!!!  It was so fun!!!  My daughter choose a pickling cucumber and my son choose a potato..they both got to work and were very proud of their masterpieces!!!

Once we came home our own garden was overflowing with tomatoes and peppers!!!  After all of the vacation laundry, and unpacking I went out to pick our abundance!!!  WOW!!!

What is a girl to do with all of those tomatoes?????  MAKE SALSA!!!!!!

Besides the beach and summer time my family LOVES salsa!!  Especially homemade salsa…it is just fresher and absolutely delicious!!

Besides tomatoes, I use onion, cilantro, jalepeno (which also came from my garden!), lime, and sea salt….I also use a secret ingredient but I cannot disclose that bit of information!!!  LOL

The finished product looks like this!!!

A gigantic bowl of salsa, but don’t worry it will be gone in 2-3 days unless we have company and then it will be gone in a blink of an eye!!!!  We love to dip organic blue corn tortilla chips in and chow down although I think I could seriously drink this stuff!!!

During my salsa making escapade I was also babysitting my 4 year old niece who loves to come to my house and eat kale salad!!!  hehehehe….she has no idea that it’s healthy, but she loves it!!! SO, I had to get busy whipping up a batch of kale salad because these little goblins kept bugging me for some!  They love to help me make it by adding the ingredients together, mixing it up and tasting it then telling me it needs more of this or that!!!  HILARIOUS!!!

We also decided to have fruit salad but each of these little goblins wanted different fruit in their salad so I decided to make a big tray of fruit, I gave them each an empty bowl and a fork and let them make their own fruit salads!!!  This was a HUGE hit!!!

On the tray was honeydew, pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, bananas, and blueberries.  I had to refill the bananas and strawberries though or we may have had some fighting and crying!

I caught my niece licking her fingers so it definitely was a kid approved lunch!

One last thing I wanted to share is my fun new little gadgets!!!  I recently blogged about my new meal tins and I have been loving trying to fill them up each time we go anywhere, but check it out -I found a really cool basket to carry them in!!!  HOW FUN!!!!  🙂

My little tins fit in there perfectly!!!  I also can fit in my kids new little water bottles!!  These are Contigo water bottles that I found on clearance at Meijer!!!

They are spill proof and BPA free…I am trying to get my kids to drink more water especially in this heat wave that we have been having!  My kids think they are cool because they look like mini coffee mugs which I used to carry around with me EVERYWHERE when I drank coffee.       I also bought me an adult size one just for the fun of it (I need to drink more water too!)!!!  LOL

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