Garden Eats and New Meal Tins

I love being able to walk out into my backyard and pick food for my family to eat.  I can pick it fresh and it tastes so much better than store bought produce.  Our garden is yielding a huge harvest this year…actually more than we can keep up with…so we have been sharing with neighbors, friends and family!!!

Here is one days harvest:

Kale, banana peppers, snap peas, and some cherry tomatoes filled one of my bowls and I was so excited I decided to make my lunch out of these fresh foods!

We used the kale to make a kale salad, which is one of my kids favorite meals!  They love to help make this with me and when we use fresh kale I know they are getting loads of wonderful nutrients!!!  My kids have had a love for kale since we planted it in our garden 2 summers ago…they will be playing in our backyard and stop to pick some kale to eat!!  I love that they do this but I also have to remind them to check that it doesn’t have bugs or dirt on it…because they will just pick it and eat it!!!!  They also love to pick and eat our mint leaves….we have grown pineapple mint, chocolate mint, spearmint, peppermint and apple mint.

My kids lunch on the left had kale salad, some snap peas, a banana pepper, and some strawberries.  My lunch on the right was kale salad with tomatoes and banana peppers tossed in.

We finished the meal with some juicy watermelon too!!  We love pairing kale salad with watermelon-it makes the perfect combination!

Here is some more eye candy…. this lunch was super yummy too…..

This was fresh raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and a banana.  These were not from my garden, but how I wish they were!!!  I envision a yard filled with fruit tress and berry bushes in my future!!!!

I am also super excited to have gotten my hands on these nifty little stainless steel containers.

I first saw these on another blog Green and Crunchy and had to have some for my own kids.  After doing some searching I found that these are used for Indian spices, but I think that they are perfect for how I feed my kids.  My mom has an Indian store down the street from her house so I decided to go and check if they carried them and sure enough they did!!  I picked up two of them and couldn’t wait to get home and try them out!!

So after you take the main lid off there is another lid underneath that sits flush against 7 little canisters.  These little canisters are perfect for kid sized food portions!!!  It also comes with 2 little spoons and everything tucks inside ever so nicely.  Like I said before these are meant to be used for spices and the little spoons are used to measure out small amounts of the needed spices, but I see them as a great travel meal container!  After I washed them and dried them they were all ready to be packed with some yummy lunch items.

On Fridays, I set up at a local farmers market to demonstrate some healthy recipes and hand out free samples to taste.  I always bring my kids with me and usually I just pack their lunches in plastic containers and throw them in my cooler.  So, here is how I will be packing their lunches from now on…

My daughter had organic Golden Delicious apple chunks, an organic plum, organic strawberries, organic baby carrots, some sprouts with homemade dressing, a travel packet of almond butter, and for dessert an organic, gluten free homemade brownie.  My son had almost the same except for he had mango and SunButter in his.  I packed these up and threw them in my cooler and they stayed so cold and chilled in the hot 95 degree day  at the farmers market.  I am excited to take these on vacation with us too, they will be the perfect way to carry our lunches to the beach!!!


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