Celebrating 12 years and counting!!!!

My hubby and I just celebrated 12 years of marriage!!

We decided to drop our kiddos off at grandmas for some fun and we left for some fun too!!!

First stop was to Guitar Center for some “dreaming”…..my husband wants to purchase a new guitar!  Next, we visited a cool place in Plymouth called “Suburban Harvest” they have tons of Michigan made products plus fresh produce!!!  This family owned store is a gem for sure!!!

Our next stop was to the Red Pepper Deli in Northville which is a raw and vegan restaurant.  I have been wanting to try this place for a long time now but have had some convincing to do with my hubby!!  He was finally willing to give it a try and we actually had a great time!

My better half ordered some raw tacos:

These looked amazing and he willingly shared a few bites with me. 🙂

They were prepared with romaine leaves, walnut meat, fresh guacamole, fresh salsa, and some sunflower  sprouts….delicious!!!

I decided to go with a Redwich….which was a raw sandwich:

This was made with a dehydrated flax “bread” with cashew cheeze, mixed greens, sprouts, zucchini, and red pepper….also delicious!!!

The smoothie we shared it was called Pink Lady…. raspberry, banana, pineapple, lemon, agave, and ice…this was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!  I think the smoothie was our favorite part of the dinner!!!

I tried to get my husband to indulge in a “raw” piece of coconut-chocolate pie but he wasn’t interested and we were both pretty stuffed!

After dinner we walked around downtown Northville-

We ended our date night with a trip to the movies….we saw Iron Man 2…we are both superhero fans so we both enjoyed the flick!!

Well, we had fun and stayed healthy and here’s to another year!!!!!!!

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One thought on “Celebrating 12 years and counting!!!!

  1. Hey Samantha-

    I am very interested in your food and the prep, of it. I did send you a message back on FB, I know it was long so you may of not had the time to read it yet. I would love to make more positive changes to my families diet. There are 5 of us my fiancee’ and I , my step-son who is almost 17, my son who is 10, and our daughter that is 6. How do I do all of this and still stay on a budget.

    On a side note….all of them but me would rather have a plate of meat and nothing else, I cook it, but I have been a vegetarian since before I knew what it was at the age if about 8, since then no meat or sea food has entered my body lol.

    Help, we need to be more healthy!


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