Kale Salad and Vanana Ice Cream Sundaes!


This dark leafy green has found a special place in our hearts lately-my kids have been asking for this almost daily!    My 3 year old son even asked if we could have this at his birthday party!!  A kale themed party, huh???  Not sure how well that will go over with the other preschoolers in attendance, but we can surely add it to the mix of food options!

I love to add kale into my smoothies and we grow kale in our garden every summer.  My two little kale monsters love to tear off pieces and eat it while they play…I constantly have to remind them to check each piece carefully before shoveling it into their little mouths.  The thought of a hidden insect or bird dropping is not pleasant!!

Lately though, we have been devouring “kale salad” which has turned into quite a delicious lunch ritual!


Here is a shot of my little kale monsters !!!

We love to eat our kale salad with watermelon!!  It is a wonderful lunch!!

Colorful too!!

On this day, we also had some frozen bananas leftover and decided to make Vanana Ice Cream sundaes!!!

This is just heavenly!!!  This one is mine….ice cream made from bananas and vanilla topped with fresh blueberries, strawberries, vegan chocolate chips,and some almond butter!

I could eat this all day!

My kids thoroughly enjoyed this treat too!

I can’t think of a tastier lunch, plus it was packed full of vitamins and minerals!!!

Kids were happy and mom was happy!!!


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3 thoughts on “Kale Salad and Vanana Ice Cream Sundaes!

    • Thanks!!! Yes, they are loving this salad..so I will have to have it available at his birthday party…good thing it went over well on Mother’s day!!!

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