Good Eats!!

It has been quite busy around here with the holidays fast approaching, but I wanted to try to squeeze at least one more post in before Christmas.

We had several parties that we attended over the weekend and have been slacking in filling our bodies with yummy,  nutritious foods….here we are at an ugly Christmas sweater party…..lots of fun!

Today I woke up and  I decided that we would get lots of vitamins and minerals into our bodies to make up for all the partying we did!

First up were green smoothies for all!

My husband takes his to work in a mason jar- but for myself and the two kiddos we have these nifty glass mugs!  The two little ones I scored at a thrift store for pennies!!!  My kiddos were very excited to have mini versions of mommies and daddies smoothie mugs!!

My kids LOVE green smoothies and they don’t even mind that they are green….I think because they just taste so good!!!


After they were done chugging these awesome liquid vitamins they had lots of energy!

Of course, I wanted to get lots of good healthy stuff into those little bodies so next up was some green juice!!!

Even though it is green it tastes just like limeade….it is lip puckering good!!!  I served this up with their lunches….

Which included lots of sliced cucumbers drizzled with flax oil and Bragg’s apple cider vinegar plus a good helping of dulse (which is a dried seaweed that is a great source of iodide) and a sprinkling of Pink Himalayan sea salt.  It also consisted of pineapple, cantaloupe, and a few organic corn chips that they dipped into a concoction that I made out of red pepper, hemp seeds, lemon juice and a few other delicious ingredients….I did make this a little spicy on accident so their little mouths couldn’t handle much!!  Oops, guess I will be eating most of that batch!!  For dessert, they each had 2 protein balls which contain yummy ingredients like sunflower seeds, raisins, and raw honey…..these are little balls of heaven!!!

They also got a special treat later in the day……chocolate banana ice cream!!!

My little guy kept saying “This is so yummy!!”  They gobbled this “mock” ice cream up as it had no dairy in it whatsoever… little guy is so allergic to anything dairy!


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