Candy Nightmare

My children somehow acquired a bagful of candy over the Halloween week despite my best efforts to not have this happen.  Even though we opted out of the Trick or Treat thing, both my kids were given candy at various places.  Well, what to do with all this unwanted candy???  We used it in science experimentation!  I was disgusted to see the results though!

We took several different pieces of candy :

Skittles, Laffy Taffy, Dots, Now and Later, and Super Bubble Gum.

We placed each in a glass of water to see what would become of these nuisances…….I thought they would disintegrate and leave a colored water in the glass.  I did not expect this:

facebook 162This was the Laffy Taffy water – that is not foam on the top although that is what it looks like.  It is actually the fat from the candy…..partially hydrogenated fat.

facebook 163I dipped my finger in and when I pulled it out all that fat stuck to my finger!  It felt greasy and actually took soap to wash it off of my finger.  It felt like lard or shortening if you have ever had that on your hand.  GROSS!!

facebook 164This was the worst offender for fat out of the experiment….the layer on top was maybe 1 centimeter thick.

facebook 165This was what was left of the Skittles….at first the dyes did not mix…they just sat there at the bottom of the glass completely separate.    Also, the little S’s had floated to the top and sat just underneath a layer of oily gunk.

facebook 169

The Dots never did completely disintegrate…they formed a coating over them that resembled something you would pull out of the sea after several years.  These were originally black in color but are orange flavored….again-GROSS!!

I just have to wonder if this candy looks like this sitting in water for a day, what does it really do in our bodies????

I don’t want that slimy fat finding a home on my thighs, and I for sure don’t want it in my children’s bodies either.

Please don’t get me wrong- I am not a scrooge…..I just don’t want my kids scavenging a bunch of sugar and chemically dyed junk.  It’s bad for their teeth, it’s bad for their tummies, and it’s bad for their immune systems.  I want the best for them in life, and to me this junky, colored, processed stuff can stay the heck away!!!

So gather up the leftover candy and see if you can gross yourself out with a little science experimentation!

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9 thoughts on “Candy Nightmare

  1. I think it’s cool you found a fun little use for the candy and entertained your kids by showing them how gross the stuff was! More parents need to watch what goes into their kids’ bodies like you do. I give you major kudos 🙂

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