10 Steps to Getting Healthier!

Okay-it is time!!!  With flu season in full swing and holidays right around the corner-it is time to take charge of our health!  We need to take care of our bodies, and also make  sure the little people in our lives are taken care of as well!   I don’t want my children to suffer through having an illness, and  I personally don’t want to be ill either.    I want my entire household to be  healthy, happy and vibrant!  This is my goal!  So, I have made a top ten list of things I believe will benefit you and your family as well as mine -check it out!

#10 Drink lots of fresh water

Our bodies need at least one ounce of water for every two pounds of weight.  So to figure this out you only need to divide your weight by 2.  For example,  if you weigh 120 pounds you should be drinking 60 ounces of water per day.  For a child who weighs 40 pounds they would need 20 ounces of water per day.  Remember this is the minimum required to keep your body properly hydrated.

#9 – Exercise/ walk/ or do some type of movement everyday

Our bodies need movement everyday.  If you have no time or desire to do an actual workout then add extra movement throughout your day.  For example, take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Park farther away from the store entrance.  While standing do calf raises.  While you sit at a red light tighten your ab muscles or your buttock muscles and hold for the duration of the light.  Even small efforts accumulate to keep our bodies healthy.  Remember this is the minimum that your body would need, more is always better.

#8 –  Eliminate consumption of “DIET” products or anything containing aspartame, saccharin, Equal, or Splenda.

Artificial sweeteners are chemicals-there is not one benefit from consuming them.  The lists of negatives though are overwhelming.  At all costs stay away from these chemicals!

#7 – Replace 3 meals or more per week with a non meat alternative.

Instead of consuming meat based meals, try to make several of them vegetable based.  Have a big salad with lots of fresh veggies, make a smoothie with spinach and fruit, or make zucchini pasta with a marinara sauce.

#6 – Eliminate Trans Fat  (Partially Hydrogenated Oils)

Partially Hydrogenated Oils are poisons to our bodies. Our systems cannot break down these trans fats and they end up getting stored in our cells.   Look through your pantry and see how many items contain this poison-you may be surprised! Even if a product states “Trans Fat Free” be cautious….read the ingredient list to make sure that partially hydrogenated oils are not listed.  Companies are able to state “Trans Fat Free” if it contains  a certain amount per serving.

#5 – Eliminate food dyes

Most food dyes are banned from products in other countries but still remain legal in our food supply here in the states.  Food dyes are dangerous and can cause our bodies to become ill with disease.  Please read the ingredient lists when buying food, if it contains Red, Yellow, Blue or Green dyes, put it back on the shelf!!  Especially ban brightly colored foods like neon colored yogurt or exotically bright colored juices.

#4 – Eliminate processed white sugar and white flour

Processed white sugar and flour are in thousands of products that we consume daily.  These are silent poisons.  These ingredients are all man-made or artificially processed ingredients that are not normally found in nature.  They are being linked to cancer and a host of other diseases.

#3 – Replace processed foods with fresh, minimally processed counterparts.

Instead of eating potatoes out of a box, make your own.  Learn how to prepare your favorite foods by using fresh ingredients instead of boxed and/or processed ones.  Fresh salsa is very easy and so much better than the ones you can buy in a jar, fresh juices still contain essential vitamins that our bodies need, and spaghetti sauce minus the preservatives and chemicals is by far a better option.

#2 – Eat The Rainbow

I am not talking about Skittles!  Make sure to include colorful fruits and vegetables in every meal.  Aim high every day.  Fresh fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that our bodies use to stay healthy.

#1 – Fresh Is Best

Cooking fruits and vegetables can leech the nutrition right out of them.  Steamed would be better than cooking but fresh is always best when it comes to getting the most nutrients.

Well, there it is folks….my top ten list to a healthier life!  If this seems overwhelming just take one step at a time.  Try to work on one step a week or one step a month.  I promise your body will thank you!!

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9 thoughts on “10 Steps to Getting Healthier!

  1. Great advice! Do you know of any good research on Food Dyes? I’m interested in reading about the negative effects of dyes and preservatives in food, particularly in children.

  2. Thanks for stopping by!! I do not have a particular source on food dyes. I have done research online and also read some books. A good one to read is called “The Unhealthy Truth” by Robyn Obrien….hope this helps!

  3. I should send you the email that Josh sent me yesterday on “diet” and sugars just in soda alone… very scary stuff. I will hold on….P.S. So glad I stopped drinking pop.

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