Halloween Idea

I wanted to share a cute Halloween idea that is so easy and quick to make.  However, I would not recommend passing these out to trick or treaters- just a cute idea for a kids party, classroom treats, or for your own kids!

First start with an orange and a sandwich baggie:

facebook 141

Next, place orange into baggie and tie with a green ribbon:

facebook 142

Next, cut off excess top and curl the ribbon with a sharp pair of scissors:

facebook 143

I used black felt and cut out a Jack-O-Lantern face, you could use construction paper, or black craft foam or black material.  Next, I hot glued the pieces onto the bag.  The glue did not melt through the baggie.

facebook 145

Here is the finished product!!!  A little cheesy-I know, but it’s  a cute and healthy treat!!

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