Feed Your Kids the Color Wheel Way!

colorwheelWe love our children and want the best for them in life-we want them to succeed and be happy, but we don’t always nourish them with optimal food.

Sometimes it is because we are tired and we grab whatever is quickest, sometimes it is because the food is cheap, and other times we slave over preparing a meal and then it is not eaten.   Sometimes we just don’t know what to feed our children because we hear so many different opinions on what is or isn’t healthy.

We see advertisements  for products that claim to be “Trans Fat Free” or “contains a whole serving of calcium”, but are these really the best options for our growing children?

We as parents need to stop believing that a packaged product can supply the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that our kids need.  We need to get back to the basics and remember that fresh food is the best food.

As moms and dads we need to supply our children with superior nutrition so they can have the full spectrum of nutrients needed to be the best they can be!

This blog offers tips, recipes and lots of info to help parents begin to do this. Also,  my website Color Wheel Meals is a great resource to visit.  I will be launching an ebook and some other products soon.  Make sure to check it out!!


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