Numbers on your produce….


I am sure you have noticed those annoying little stickers on your produce-you try to pick them off but you inadvertently peel part of the skin off as well!!!

Turns out those pesky little stickers are actually useful not only to the cashier who uses the code to ring up the produce but for the consumer as well.

Every piece of produce comes with some digits whether it is stuck right on its skin or on a tag or sticker on the package.

These digits, once you learn what they mean, can be a very useful tool for us as the consumer…….

Here is how it breaks down:

  • If your produce has a 4 digit number it means it has been grown using conventional methods…meaning fertilizers, pesticides, etc.

  • If your produce has a 5 digit number that starts with a 9 it means it has been grown using organic methods…meaning crop rotation, composting, etc.

  • If your produce is a 5 digit number starting with an 8 it means it has been GENETICALLY MODIFIED!!!!


If you can only remember one thing -remember HATE EIGHT!!!

Or remember that NINE IS FINE!!!!

Always check the stickers on your produce, I don’t always buy organic produce but I definitely do not want GM foods.

Genetically Modified food uses  Genetic Engineering to remove genes from one plant species and place them into another species in hopes of creating a whole new species.  They can also take the genes from animals and place them into plant genes… example I found on the internet stated that they have taken a gene from fruit flies and placed them into a tomato species in hopes of creating a tomato that repels fruit flies!!!

GM foods are scary, it messes with the genetic make up of the plant species and in turn who knows what kind of repercussions that could have on our health…I do not want to find out!!!

What is even more scary is that most of the food items carried on grocery store shelves contain genetically modified ingredients…yes, our favorite junk foods, so called health foods, and even most baby food.  YIKES!!!

Be an informed shopper, make yourself aware of what ingredients are lurking in your food, especially the ones you hand over to your children.

Let me know if you find this helpful……..

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9 thoughts on “Numbers on your produce….

  1. OMG thank you! I just peeled one of those stickers off of a tomato when I was making dinner and was wondering what it meant. I’m making a note of this to carry with me when I go grocery shopping, definitely want to avoid those 8’s, yikes!

  2. Okay the fruit fly gene thing totally grossed me out. I’m definitely looking at those stickers now and not buying 8’s. The thought of eating fruit fly genes is disgusting!

  3. Hmmm, interesting that you guys are worried that your junk food contains GM ingredients but are seemingly unconcerned that it contains high levels of fat, salt, sugar, has artificial colour and flavours and that it is relatively devoid of nutrition. And they are not trying to create a new species with GM techniques. One or two different genes out of 30-100,000 genes does not make a new species, besides that would be counter-productive to plant breeding. Also, there is no such thing as a GM tomato – not one that is commercially available anyway. And just as a point of interest humans share 66% of their genes with a fruit fly, which is why they are valuable lab tools to understand human disease – among many other things

    Jason Major
    Gene and NanoTechnology Information Service
    Uni of Melbourne, Australia (

    • THanks for your input but apparently you did not read through any other blog posts!! The entire blog is about health and how to avoid processed junk that line the grocery store shelves including but not limiting to genetically modified foods. Of course you will defend Gm foods because that is your job, everyone knows never to bite the hand that feeds you.

      • Hi

        I did read the other posts. I was merely making an observation based on specific comments in a couple of posts. And my job is not to defend GM technology, but to facilitate debate and discussion, and help people make an informed choice – based on accurate and balanced information. What that choice is, is of no concern to me. Personally, I have issues with some applications of the technology, but that is a personal opinion. And the hand that feeds me is the Australian government and University of Melbourne. Nowhere and never have I been told to defend GM, or any of the other emerging technologies we are involved in raising awareness about – eg stem cells, designer babies, biofuels, cloning, genetic testing, and the various nanotechnologies

        Jason Major

      • Hello again! Actually, I welcome your comment…and thanks for the clarification. I also am trying to help people make informed choices and what I have studied and read about GM foods is not good in my opinion. I do not want any part of it, but I also do not want any part of msg, partially hydrogenated fats, food dyes, etc. I also do not agree with any other emerging technologies such as cloning, designer babies, and the like….it is messing with God’s creations….this includes GM foods. I am flattered that a gene specialist commented on my blog though…just curious how did u find me???

      • Actually not a gene specialist as such – left the lab bench a while back. Now a science communicator. I too have issues with some of the emerging technologies, but not the technolopgies themselves, more how society chooses (or can potentially choose) to use them. There is a diversity of views out there and, just like my view, none are necessarily right or wrong.It is what keeps my job interesting. RE: finding you – I have Google doing blog searchs for me on things such as GM foods (nanotechnology, stem cells, etc) so I can get a handle on what people are saying, thinking, wanting to know about these technologies. Your blog post popped up in one of my daily Google emails. As for reading about GM food, there is a lot of serious misinformation about GM foods out there – from both sides of the debate. Many people contact us wanting to get info on stuff they read on web sites or elsewhere and way too much of this is not even close to any sort of scientific consensus and reality. It is a complex debate, which isn’t going to be solved any time soon. Good luck in your endeavours.


  4. Holy Crap!!! I totally did not know that. I know a lot of the stuff that we buy only has 4 numbers and usually start with a 4.. Ewwww… HATE EIGHT HATE EIGHT HATE EIGHT!!!!! Say it with me now…. Good job on reching 3,000+… 🙂 I see you going far!! Keep up the good work!! 🙂

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