When you have opened up a perfect honeydew-juicy but not disintegrating-it is a wonderful thing!!!  There have been times that I have opened one and been disappointed and had to throw it away, which stinks!!  Then there are times that I have opened one up and it is perfect!!!  I can eat a half melon in one sitting!!!  Honeydew melons are an excellent source of vitamin C, potassium, copper, and B vitamins.  It is low in calories (about 64 calories in a cup) and high in water content.  This is a great fruit to help maintain healthy blood pressure levels due to its high water content and high amount of potassium.  Some people say to eat melons alone with no other food and best eaten as the first meal of the day.   The reason being that it digests so rapidly in the intestines, this is only a recommendation and you should do what feels best for your body.

My personal favorite way to eat honeydew melon is to chop it up and sprinkle it with lots of fresh blueberries!!!

I also like to make:

Honeydew Cooler

1/2 honeydew melon

juice of 1 lime


Blend this in a blender and drink….it is a beautiful color and is so refreshing!!!

I also found a cool picture for an idea to make for a picnic!!!  Enjoy!!!

Check out my website!!!  www.ColorWheelMeals.com



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