H2O melon


Does summer get any better than this??  A hot sunny day and a juicy watermelon?  Yummy!!  Every time I open a watermelon and see the juicy pink inside I just take a second to look at how pretty it looks.  The deep pink center encircled by white and lined with a bright green!!!  That is art!!!

Everyone loves watermelon and it is packed with good antioxidants.  It is high in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Beta Carotene, Lycopene (this antioxidant travels through the body and neutralizes free radicals), and they are rich in B vitamins which are necessary for energy production.  An H2O melon is 92% water and because it is a fruit with a high water content and low calorie content it delivers more nutrients per calorie. 1 cup has only 48 calories!!!  The Lycopene  is much higher in watermelon than in tomatoes…1 cup of watermelon has about 9mg and 1 tomato has 4mg.

When you are picking out a watermelon look at its color, quality, that its heavy for its size, make sure one side has an area of yellowish tone where it sat on the ground…..if it does not have this then it was prematurely picked which affects the taste and juiciness in a negative way!!!

Besides eating watermelon the normal old fashion way here are some other ideas on what to do with a watermelon:

  • Put chunks of watermelon in the blender and add juice of lemon or lime, blend up and it is a wonderful juice!!  The tartness of the lemon/lime cuts the sweetness of the watermelon.  You could also then mix this juice with some mineral water for a bubbly, fizzy drink!!!
  • Freeze some of the juice into Popsicle molds and you have some delicious frozen treats!!!
  • Make fruit kabobs with watermelon, blueberries,and honeydew!!
  • Make a watermelon cake!!  I found this picture on a website…this is not my picture……

water.normalGet creative!!!!!


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4 thoughts on “H2O melon

  1. Watermelon is my all time favorite too! I absolutely enjoy it. I am glad it is so good for me. I have not tried anything with it as far as recipes because it is so perfect. lol. Although I have made that watermelon boat/basket filled with every kinda fruit before. It is great for summer parties and potlucks.

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