UnProcess ME!!


Okay…………I am embarking on a food experiment for 30 days starting June 1st!!!  You can read all about it at http://UnProcessMe.wordpress.com/

Have you ever seen SuperSize Me?  It was a film about a guy who ate McDonalds for 30 days for every meal…..it was disgusting……he gained weight, his health declined and he felt miserable.  So I thought I would like to try a 30 day experiment with no processed foods of any kind only fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and organic tea to see what kind of changes could take place.  I will be tracking what I eat, my calories for the day, etc. so even if I mess up and eat pizza I will post it!!!  I am very nervous but also excited, I have no idea if I can accomplish this goal of mine, and I may end up looking like an idiot!!!!!

If you would like to join me for a day, a week, or the whole month let me know it would be loads of fun!!!

Here’s to the next 30 days………………………….


Check out my website!!!  www.ColorWheelMeals.com


5 thoughts on “UnProcess ME!!

  1. I am not sure how long I will last but I will give it a go. lol.
    Do you have a few sample meal plans/recipes to get me started and show me what I should have on hand to survive. Also is raw organic honey allowed?
    I am kinda excited….. to fail. lol. just kidding. Fun times.

    • OMG!!! It will be so cool if you try this with me!!!! Maybe you can come over and hang at my house and I will show you tons of stuff!!!! Probably more than you will want to know!!!! Call me tomorrow and we will talk!!!!

  2. I would join in if I could eat only bird and fish but, I would think that’s a whole notha experiment. You go with your experimenting self!! Can’t wait to see the results.

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