Start a Garden!!!


My family loves to have a garden- we can walk outside anytime and pick fresh delicious healthy food.  We started this tradition a few years ago but we are not experts by any means!!!  Last year our garden was a bust!!!  😦

We have learned some things along the way and are always eager to hear people’s tricks or tips on gardening (feel free to offer any and all advice).  The first year we started with a section of our yard about 4 X4 feet.  We just dug up the grass and put some topsoil down and planted cucumbers and snap peas. The next year we dug up some more of our yard and added some tomatoes and some herbs.  After that, we just kept going- we now have 3 spots that we plant in!!  One of them is about 25-30 feet long!!!  We joke that the yard will eventually be one big garden!  My 2 kids love to help plant, water and pick anything that we grow!!  Last year we had an awesome crop of Kale and my kids would rip off the leaves and eat them while they played in the yard.  This year we have lots of herbs and I have had to yell at my kids for eating them because they are still  baby plants and I want them to have a chance to grow!  My friend was over one night and we were chatting in the yard as my kids kept sneaking pieces of the herbs and then secretly eating them!  They had themselves a little herb feast!  It is amazing what kids will try when they have planted and watched it grow versus just bringing it home from the store.  I am very excited for our garden this year, it is our biggest one yet!  If everything grows then we will have 3 types of tomatoes, snap peas, onion, celery, kale, red peppers, yellow peppers, banana peppers, Cubanelle peppers, Jalapeno peppers, Swiss Chard, Romaine, Green Leaf, Boston Leaf, corn, strawberries, watermelon, pickling cucumbers, regular cucumbers, zucchini, and about 10 different herbs.   I am also inheriting a fig bush and raspberry bushes from my dear mom.  I have high hopes of having grape vines, blueberry bushes, a cherry tree….oh, I could go on!!  Just imagine!!

Once our garden starts becoming lush and bearing produce it will cut our grocery bill in half and we only spent $50 to get our garden started.  When you are eating food that you planted and picked it tastes fresher and tastier.  So I say….start a garden!!!  Even if it is just a hanging tomato plant on your porch!!!  Grow something, have your kids help, start small or start big- plant, plant, plant!!!

P.S.  In case you were wondering the picture is not my garden….LOL … I will post pictures of my garden though…..soon!!!!

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One thought on “Start a Garden!!!

  1. I will admit, the guilty pleasures I weilded from my sancturary was worth more than I saved at the grocery store. Unfortunately, I haven’t the time to properly do it right again. I let the kids get their pool and I am looking forward to when school doesn’t take too much out of me- and I can “waste” time again.

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