Success is the ability to take the next step!!


I love this quote- it is so true!!  If we keep moving toward our goals we will eventually make it- even if it is only one step at a time!!!

We live in a world where everyday we drive past fast food restaurants, we watch commercials tantalizing us with junk food, and we shop in stores that strategically place processed foods at eye level just to tempt us!!!  It is all around us and  it encompasses our daily lives, but some of us want to break this cycle and try to obtain a fresher, healthier lifestyle for ourselves and for our families.  I remember the very first book on health that I read, the author gave a list of 50 things that everyone should be doing to obtain better health.  I remember typing up the list on my computer and hanging it on my fridge-I was so overwhelmed because:

#1- I was not doing any of the 50 things listed


#2-The list seemed unachievable

I eventually took the list down, but I saved it and found it a few years later and reread it and realized that I was doing over half of the things listed!!!

I think becoming a healthier person is like climbing Mt. Everest- (or some big mountain!) let me explain my analogy!!!

When you climb a big mountain like Everest you have to plan by having the right tools and gear, tracking your route and weather, preparing mentally and emotionally for what lies ahead.  Usually, you travel in a group with a guide (hopefully, anyways!)  You set up camp at a certain point up the mountain and then climbing is done in stages.  You cannot climb the entire mountain in one day-it takes endurance, patience and determination to keep going.  Obstacles get in your way-weather, injuries, or whatever else can go wrong climbing a mountain that big!!!  (I can think of 4,000 things that could go wrong!)  Some people make it to the top and conquer and others have to try several times before they are successful.

When I think of making healthy lifestyle changes it is actually a lot like what I just described.   We are all on a journey and everyone’s is different whether it is to become healthier, quit a bad habit, lose weight or try to reverse a health issue.  Our journeys cannot be made overnight- we need to prepare, plan, and go in stages just like the person climbing a mountain.   We may run into obstacles on the way but we can’t give up!!  Don’t ever quit trying- every day is a new day-and with each new day that we are given we have another chance.  Think positive and know that making even small changes can a make a big difference in your health!  We only get one body-do it good by providing it and treating it the best you can.  Take the next step, even when the climb is hard and you are tired and can’t go any further, just take another step.

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2 thoughts on “Success is the ability to take the next step!!

  1. Awesome…love it. You should go into motivational speaking. I hear there’s big money in that!!!
    jk…great blog though!!

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