Healthy Vacation??


Some people may consider it crazy, some people may consider it smart, I consider it a necessity.  I am referring to packing healthy food to come along with my family wherever we go.  It is a necessity for us because of our situation.  My son has food allergies and my daughter suffers from a milder version of food allergies as well.  My husband is constantly dealing with an intestinal disease and needs to be careful in the food choices that he makes, and I have taken the path of vegetarianism trying to eat mostly raw fruits and vegetables.  So for our family a stop at any restaurant is usually not a fun experience.  It is stressful and annoying trying to find a place that we can all eat and be happy.  The alternative is to just bring along our everyday foods with us when we travel.

We are leaving for a much needed vacation courtesy of a friend and her family.  We are staying in a lake front cottage for 3 days and we are all very excited to go.  However, I am packing more food than clothes!!!  So what does a family of four with special diets eat while on vacation???  Here is what we are bringing along:

2 watermelons                                                                        6 mangoes

1 honeydew                                                                              2 bags of organic apples

2 bunches of bananas                                                           1 pack of romaine lettuce

4 avocados                                                                              red pepper

20 grapefruit (for grapefruit juice)                                    2 seedless cucumbers

10 lemons (for lemonade)                                                   homemade salsa

20 oranges (for orange juice)                                            organic tortilla chips

homemade chocolate fruit dip                                          homemade dressing

homemade croutons                                                             coconut waters

jar of  Sun butter                                                                      strawberry preserves

Almond milk                                                                             Rice milk

Once we are at our destination we will most likely get strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

My family will have almost everything we need to enjoy ourselves and have full, happy bellies!!!  Again, I say some people may say I am crazy, some people say I am smart, I say for me and my family we have no other choice!!!  LOL

What do you think???

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4 thoughts on “Healthy Vacation??

  1. I think it’s great! You do what you have to do for your family! I would love to tag along and eat what you eat for a day and see just how good I would feel! I am trying to eat more fruits and veggies since reading your blog! Thanks!

    • Thanks Kara!!! It’s true you have to do what works for your family!!! This is just what works for mine!!! You can come over anytime you want to and I will make you lots of fresh food!!! I love to do it!!!

  2. I think it’s awesome! You go on, girl!
    I need you to remind me how to make homemade croutons. I know we made them together before but I cannot remember how we did it. They were so yummy!!

    Have fun on vacation!!!

  3. Truly, even if you do not and never plan to eat this way all the time, in these economic times I think that we should all try to have a garden and actually eat what is in it! We are way to reliant on other people feeding us. If things were to get ruff and food was not readily available as it is now I would want to know how to sustain my family out of my garden or how to raise chickens or maybe hunt or something(could you imagine?). Thanks for all your great info. I’m trying it all!!! You know I am!!

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