Grapefruits are Great Fruits!!!


My husband and I have been guzzling down gallons of Pink Grapefruit Juice lately!!!  It has been so yummy!!!  My good friend writes a blog and she posted about Pink Grapefruit Juice -to read her blog click here.  After reading her post I decided to try some fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and to my surprise it was awesome!!!  Now, we still love our fresh squeezed orange juice, but lately we just can’t seem to get enough of this lovely pink citrus juice.  Grapefruits are high in Vitamin C, low in sodium and high in fat burning enzymes!!!  Can we say WOOT! WOOT!  It is also high in lycopene which is what gives it its pink color- lycopene is a phytonutrient that fights free radicals in our bodies.  They also contain limonoids which is another phytonutrient who’s job is to inhibit tumor formation.  It does this by creating a detoxifying enzyme that sparks a reaction in our liver that helps to make toxic compounds in our body more water soluble, which means it can easily be excreted from the body.  Grapefruits are high in pectin which is soluble fiber that helps lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and also triglycerides.  A friend of mine has her dad drinking grapefruit juice every morning-in one months time his blood pressure went from being 150/90 to a normal 120/70!!!  He also lost weight and says he feels great and the only thing he changed in his diet was adding this drink in the morning!!!  WOW!!!  Another awesome thing about grapefruits are that they contain salicylic acid which helps dissolve inorganic calcium found in our bodies!!!  Inorganic calcium is stored in our joints and bones and can lead to arthritis, and grapefruit juice can act like a little cleaner and get all the excess out!!! It is also said to prevent kidney stones and to boost liver enzymes which we need!!!  So this is a powerful citrus fruit that sweeps through our bodies and literally cleans house!!!  How can you not want a grapefruit????

*****DISCLAIMER***** If you are taking any pharmaceutical drugs you must first check with your Dr. or pharmacist before adding grapefruits to your diet.  There are certain drugs that become more potent when mixed with grapefruits or their juice.

Recipes to enjoy your grapefruits!!!

First, if you like the taste of grapefruits then just eat them plain or my daughters all time favorite snack (she will choose this over anything!) is grapefruit with drizzled raw organic honey!!!  YUMMY!!



If you own a citrus juicer (see post Orange Juice Anyone?), you can easily juice them very quickly.  You can also hand squeeze them (not as fun though!)  My family uses 6 grapefruits a day!  3 for my husband, 2 for me and 1 for our kids.  My husband likes to drink his with ice and Stevia which is an all natural sweetener.  I like mine juiced with one lemon, Stevia and Acai Berry powder.  My kids like to drink theirs blended with honey and ice.



2 pink grapefruits

12 big strawberries or 1/2 cup raspberries

1-2 tbsp. of honey

Blend together with ice and sit in the sun with your shades and enjoy!!!

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7 thoughts on “Grapefruits are Great Fruits!!!

  1. I really could go for some grapefruit juice right now!!
    Do you know of a good deal on grapefruits somewhere around us? I remember them to be expensive. Maybe that was when they were out of season? I dunno.

    • I usually seek out sales whenever possible and stock up because they last a long time without going bad. I have gotten them on sale at Meijers for 2 bags for $5, at Kroger they are .50 each, Costco has a 10lb. bag for $7 or $8, and Randazzos has had them as cheap as 4 for $1 before!! Dearborn Farm Market had them for .69 cents each yesterday and at Westborn Market they were .99 cents each. Good luck!!!

  2. I Heart Grapefruit! Which we call GreatFruit in my family due to the fact that I thought thats what it was called when I was little. “greatfruit” was the only thing I would eat for breakfast.. Yum Yum!

    Thanks for the info. Great as usual.

    My parents love Greatfruit too. They however had to remove it from there diet due to scripts. It seems awful to not be able to consume such an awesome healthy thing.

    I like to mix my greatfruit juice with honey and a little tea (green or organic black) and then crushed ice. Shaken not stirred. lol ( i do this with Lemon or a mix of both too.)

    • That is so funny about you calling it a great fruit!! My grandparents had to stop drinking the juice because of their meds too, it really does seem to be an awful thing!!! OHHHHH!!! Your recipe sounds yummy too!!! I will have to try that one, I have a bunch of green tea sitting around!!! Thanks for always commenting, I look forward to each one!!!

  3. Me and ” and your daughter” have the same love for grapefruit with raw honey on it!!! I eat one whole grapefruit every night after the kids go to bed with a pot of blueberry slim down tea!! I need all the help I can get, and of coarse the tea also has raw honey!! I swear I could eat that stuff right out of the jar!! LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!

    • What is this pot of blueberry slim down tea??? I will have to try this. The raw organic honey is by far much yummier and sweeter than the the honey that is sold in those bears!!!

  4. The tea is Yogi Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life. It really does have the taste of blueberries!! The honey in it really makes it awesome!! I’m sure it too would be good iced!! It is only 100% natural, with some organic ingredients not organic.

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